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We are Salem mango farmers, traders and promoters.  Order our best quality Salem Mangoes such as Salem Bangalora, Imam Pasand, Malgova, Alphonso, Nadusaalai, Kuthadhaath, Sakkarai Kutti and other premium varieties online at www.salemmangoes.com

Salem is naturally gifted by its geographical location surrounded by hills (note Salem’s original name was ‘Sailam’ which means a place surrounded by mountains), rich minerals in the soil and good sun light makes Salem Mangoes the best. Evidently Salem is surrounded by mining and mineral extraction corporations such as Burn and standard, Steel Plant, MALCO that affirms rich minerals in the soil.

Generally in other places, people are used to few varieties of mangoes. In Salem there are more than 50 common mango varieties such as Salem BangaloraImam PasandAlphonso (Salem Gundu), MalgovaNadusalaiKuthadaath, senthura, Kilimookku, Banganappalli (sappattai), Sarkar Kilimookku (sa na ki na), Neelam, Kal Neelam, Kaalapaadi, Rumani, Sakkarai Kutti, Jahangir, Mallika, Aamini, Amlet, Buddi to name few. Note that Salem Bangalora is an indigenous Salem Mango variety. Salem Mangoes are also known famously for its extra aroma.

 Salem Mangoes

A. Jayapal from Fruitful Harvest Private Limited has been representing All India Mango Show with Salem Mangoes for more than 25 years and won several awards including the Best Mango of the Show.

It is culture and tradition for people from Salem to gift mangoes to their friends and relatives as token of love and affection. We receive lot of phone orders for our Mangoes from our beloved customers who tasted them. We have been successfully catering them and we thought why don’t we streamline and develop the business by establishing this online portal www.salemmangoes.com where our customers can directly buy mangoes online and enjoy our Mangoes. We understand that it is our responsibility to provide best quality mangoes. Only then we thrive.